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Providing the highest quality framed and sculptural work Tristan Hibberd explores innovative new concepts inspired but rural surroundings and traditional craftsmanship

Continuing study into modern symbolism, abstract colour composition and large format sculpture you will certainly find something here you have never seen before.


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A Brief Introduction

Each work shown here is entirely original and unique, Tristan Hibberd works with a growing collection of galleries each of whom stocks a different selection. Work is of course also available from the artist directly but stock varies greatly so please reach out regarding any of the images you see here or for commission based work.

E“Natural forms and biomimicry regularly inform my aesthetic stye but I also enjoy letting a piece of machinery or creative process guide the form of my work.

“I harbour a continuous desire to learn new processes and frequently undertake complicated projects in order to learn as much as possible.”

Original Work
The Daily

Every week I’m working on something new, this means the statements I make about the way I’m working are continuously out of date. My goals regularly consist of “one upping myself” a relentless endeavour to be better than I was the day before. This usually manifests in the form of better work but isn’t always healthy.

Over recent years I have searched for various coping strategies to combat my anxiety. I found that origami occupies the mind and I would regularly take paper with me to stressful situations. This began the series which developed into a collection of semi dimensional painted works.

Before devoting the majority of his time to creativity in its purest form His studies resulted in many functional furniture pieces. the most successful of which is the Pivot Coat Stand sold by Joined and Jointed Shown to the left.

"I continue to explore my love of woodworking, woodturning and hand calving through various sculptural minimums."

Past Projects

This simple site is a brief introduction to the work Tristan hibberd produces and the way it is made.

"As a creative, I have many outlets but the purest for me will always be artwork."

Having grown up surrounded by the art world, studying for a degree in furniture design and continuously experimenting, his unique skillset informs each creative choice. he has found that material experimentation is essential and play is something that the majority of us simply forget how to do as we age. This hands-on approach gives him the ability to push materials to their limits.

Featured to the left - I Think I like You


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